The hauntingly evocative short film Lurch about a little cypher of a man who becomes increasingly obsessed with his labors in the bowels of a natural history museum, caretaking an emporium of bottled amphibian samples, steeped as they and presently he all are in a dizzying variety of preserving fluids. The taste of these liquids are the pull and trigger.



Winner: Sparky Award at the Slamdance International Film Festival
Winner: Hollywood Discovery Award Best Short Film at the Hollywood Film Festival
Winner: Premio Mejor Corto at the Festival International de Jóvenes Realizadorez de Granada
Winner: Jury Award Best Short Film Soundtrack at the Rom Independent Film Festival
Winner: Jury Award for Best Camera at the Aspen Shortfest
Winner: Jury Award for Best Music at the Exterieur Nuit Film Festival
Winner: Gold Special Jury Award at the WORLDFEST - Film Festival Houston
Winner: Premio Obliquo al Mejor Cortometrajo de la Sección Obliqua at the Barcelona Filmfest MECAL
Winner: Grand Jury Award at the IMAGO International Film Festival
Winner: Best International Screenplay Award at the Manchester Film Festival
Winner: Panavision Award Best Short Film at the New York /Avignon Film Festival
Winner: Genre Award Best Short Action Film at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival
Winner: Special Mention at the Foyle Film Festival


Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (MBB)